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WordPal Vocabulary References

Besides the eight digital dictionaries, two encyclopedias, and the dozens of reference books that were consulted, thousands of web sites were visited while developing the definitions and sentences for the WordPal Vocabulary Builder program. Listed below are some of the web sites that have broad appeal or that describe the terminology of a particular field in depth.

Online Dictionaries

Online Encyclopedias

Architecture Terms

Art Terms

Astronomy Terms

Biology Terms

Business Terms

Chemistry Terms

Computers Terms

Entertainment Terms

Food Terms

Geology Terms

Geography Terms

Government Terms

Language Terms

Law Terms

Literature Terms

Mathematics Terms

Meteorology Terms

Military Terms

Music Terms


Physics Terms,,sid44_gci551931,00.html

Physiology Terms

Psychology Terms

Sociology Terms

Sports Terms

Theology Terms

Zoology Terms

Please e-mail us, if your site or a site you know has a comprehensive list of terms that you wish to be included in the above list.