MindPal: WordPal Vocabulary Builder Software Program & Flashcards
MindPal: WordPal Vocabulary Builder Software Program & Flashcards
MindPal: WordPal Vocabulary Builder Software Program & Flashcards
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2/3/2014 The flashcard website has been redesigned to adapt to different size browsers and the flashcard application is in the design phase to be mobile friendly.

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The Online Flashcards Program allows you to view and interact with a variety of flashcards online. You can either view MindPalís collection of flashcards or you can sign up for a free membership to create your own.

To view MindPalís collection of flashcards, press the MindPal Flashcards button in the left column or select MindPal Flashcards from the top menu bar Flashcards button.

To sign up for a free membership, click the link in the left column. Those who already have a MindPal.com account will be prompted for their user name and password.


  • Import shared flashcards sets (including MindPal's flashcard sets) into your Flashcards database.
  • Export your flashcard sets so other members can import them. You have the option of selling your flashcard sets or sharing them for free.
  • You have the option of attaching your own sound files to any of the flashcards, or you can use any of MindPal's public sound files, or you can request a sound file by email. Sound files are especially useful for spelling words. If you are using Firefox, the QuickTime plugin must be installed. Click here for more information about sound files.
  • You have the option of using your own image files on any of the picture flashcards, or you can use any of MindPal's public image files.
  • Setup multiple users on your account and keep statistics for each user's progress. Each user can have an optional password.
  • Setup a password for limited users so a user can log in to your account and only be able to play the flashcards and view user statistics. If the optional password field for that user was set, then a password is required to play the flashcards or to view statistics for that user. For example, if a teacher signed up for a membership, the teacher could add each of her students to her account and give each of them a simple password (like the first letter of the month and the day they were born). During the membership signup (or later from the account screen) the teacher could setup a limited user password. Now, from home each child can access the flashcards and only view their statistics without being able to modify anything.
  • You can change the colors of your screens and tabs from the Options screen.

The vocabulary builder program that can improve your SAT, GRE, and other verbal test scores. Exercise your brain and expand your knowledge while having fun.

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